This is a PCB that carries the PIC32MX340H512, this has 512k Flash and 32k RAM.The PCB also has a3.3V regulator and so can be powered from a 5V supply. The serial input is via the pins where ByPic can be installed via the boot loader. The board is supplied with ByPic pre-installed.

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** The crystal for the low power oscilator shown missing is now installed on current versions.

  • Processor: PIC32MC3340H512
  • Flash: 512k
  • Ram: 32K
  • Speed: 80 MHz
  • ADC: 16 Channels, 10 bit
  • Comparators: 2
  • PWM: 5
  • Input Capture: 2
  • UARTS: 2


This is the pin layout shown not to scale as the centre pin-outs round the CPU are in a square. All microcontrollers have alternate pin functions and this diagram shows the port names ate the top and some popular alternate functions at the bottom. Some pins have several functions, not all are shown.

The BV513-M does not have an on board 5Vregulator so the +V is the voltage that has been applied to the power pin.

PCB Layout

Serial Communication

Simply connect a USB to serial adapter.

Pin Connections:

BV513        USB to Serial
TX              RX
RX              TX
+5V            VCC* may say 5V or V+
GND            GND
Reset          DTR

The supplied USB to serial device may not be as the one shown here but the connection in the table will be available

This shows a typical low cost USB to serial connection, just connect to a terminal and see the ok prompt: The USB to serial also provides the 5V power supply.

Mounting an SD Card

The main connection is via the pins set out in a square. There are on a 0.1" grid and so can either be a carrier for another board by using sockets or if pins are used the BV513-M can be plugged into a larger mother board.

The two rows of pads at the end of the board are mainly laid out for I2C, UART and an SD Card. The ByPic firmware will recognise an SD Card if connected properly. The main connections are the SPI (SCK,MOSI,MISO and CS). The 3.3V output can also be used, however some SD Cards consume an initial high current that will reset the BV513-M when first initialised - i.e pushed into the socket.

This is a directory listing of an 8GB card.


The processor is clocked from its own internal oscillator without the need for an external crystal. The crystal that is provided is for the slow oscillator (32KHz). This can be used for slow timing operations and it can also maintain some functions when used in low power mode.


The BV513_M is in the first version. However as from May 2012 it is now supplied with boot loader version 2.2 This allows it to use the new ByPic