Unfortunately it has become increasingly difficult to maintain the ever changing screen types that are obtainable at low cost ans so these devices will no longer be available. The text here is for archive purposes. For existing customers who require replacements then it may be possible to do a special order. Use the contact information.

The BV514 is a PIC32 microcontroller with a 2.8” full colour touch screen attached. It has an optional Bluetooth module and so can be used for remote input / output.
It is based on a modular design with I2C or serial being the main methods of communication to other devices although it also has several I/O available.

The primary intention is for it to be a low cost control module and to this end the four connectors are spaced on a 0.1” grid to enable other modules to be plugged in.

Resource Links

  1. Optional Bluetooth
  2. 3.3V regulator
  3. USB connector
  4. RTC Crystal
  5. I2C voltage selector
  6. Serial Flash 16Mb
  7. 5V optional input power
  8. Power selector
  9. Serial interface selector USB or Bluetooth